About Ace

Ace Mulligan is a former tour caddy who will always choose golf over tennis, the ocean over the pool and has never learned to cook.  He has saved himself from intense pain in life by remaining single. Ace does not believe in yoga, talking politics at parties or in golfers posing naked for calendar shoots. He is impeccably groomed, usually wearing one of his favorite golf sweaters from his collection. He wears vintage Ray Ban sunglasses and still attracts attention when he walks into a party.  He is shameless in requesting neck rubs and can be bribed into anything if you can produce a treat. 

Ace did not grow up in the age of strippers, sexting and private planes but as a former player, he was known to be an occasional bad boy. He is lovable and charming and sometimes we see glimpses of his former dirty dog ways. In the old days, he would run around with the best of ‘em and play all day long. Now his Saturday nights are spent lying by the sofa watching golf channel and reruns of great golf moments.

Ace has helped alcoholic friends get sober by running them up and down the beaches on the Long Island. He has played with financial tycoons and won. The lifestyle led to the demise of his relationship with Daphne, a stunner who was probably just a little too young for him anyway. He has spent half his life rebelling against his upbringing but now he just kicks back and realizes a trust fund is a good thing when you miss the cut.

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